About Bellflower

About Bellflower

Bellflower SignFounded in 1906 and located just north of Long Beach in Southeast Los Angeles County, Bellflower offers a nice mixture of residential and commercial with unique shops as well as both modern housing and housing that dates back seven to eight decades. In 1832, after the Mexican Revolution, the Mexican Governor, Jose Figueroa divided various parcels of land in the area that we now know as Los Angeles County. He divided the land into five small ranchos and Bellflower was bordered by three of them: Los Cerritos, Los Coyotes, and Santa Gertrudes. During this period of time, the region was sustained by vast amounts of cattle.

For a while, the community was known as Firth, but in 1909, after much controversy, the community´s name was changed to Bellflower. In the 1910’s, the region was beginning to see more residential development and the population of Bellflower grew to around 1200 people. For more than 100 years, the community of Bellflower was a Dutch enclave, best known for its agriculture and dairy production. During the 1920’s, with an influx of sources of prosperity and continued agricultural growth, the population grew quickly to 6,710 residents by 1930. Along with this residential growth came new schools, new businesses, and new churches which enriched the community and helped make it what it is today.

From the community´s development as a sparse settlement of farmland, today Bellflower is a vibrant blend of businesses, residential neighborhoods, and places of leisure, cultural, and various entertainment outlets. Today, Bellflower´s population is just slightly more than 77,000 residents. It is a community whose residents are quite ethnically and linguistically diverse compared to many other areas in the United States. Recreational and cultural offerings include five parks, sports leagues, social clubs, a symphony orchestra, a 9-hole golf course, horse trails, and unique shopping.


Looking for Bellflower Real Estate?

Beautiful Bellflower HomesBecause it is a vibrant, healthy and ethnically diverse community, those choosing to make Bellflower their home will find a unique and unmatched opportunity here. The location of Bellflower to other urban areas as well as to various major arterial freeways makes the city an ideal place in which to live. Also, with median family income averaging around $45,000 and median housing averaging around $200,000, Bellflower is a very affordable place to live in. Bellflower real estate is in great demand and offerings tend to be snatched up fairly quickly.

Aside from the fact that Bellflower is a splendid place to live in, there are a number of advantages to buying real estate in Bellflower. The phrase “location, location, location” could not fit a community better than Bellflower. Conveniently located, this area has seen double-digit returns for those who have invested in Bellflower real estate. Whether residential or commercial, Bellflower real estate has a lot to offer. With a culturally diverse community, top-notch schools, affordability, and small-town pride, families and investors are sure to find that Bellflower is the place to invest in. If you are looking for Bellflower real estate, contact us today and let us help make your dreams come true.