About La Mirada

About La Mirada

Located in Los Angeles County just 15 minutes southeast of the city of Los Angeles, along the Interstate 5 Freeway, approximately 5 miles west of the Interstate 605 Freeway is the city of La Mirada. La Mirada was the original site of California´s olive industry, as thousands of olive trees were planted throughout the region during the late 1800’s by its founder, Andrew McNally of Rand McNally Publishing Company. Shortly thereafter, La Mirada was recognized worldwide as being one of the largest and best quality olive oil producers. The city´s name, “La Mirada” (in Spanish, “the view”) refers to La Mirada´s breathtaking panoramic view from the hills. With mild temperatures that range from a low of 55 degrees to an average high of 74 degrees, La Mirada is a quiet and beautiful city.

La Mirada is primarily residential and is best known for being home to Biola University, (formerly the Bible Institute of Los Angeles) a private Christian university that was founded in 1908. It is also home to the prominent La Mirada Civic Theatre that has served as a major cultural outlet for the Los Angeles and Orange County regions. La Mirada is a city that is proud and takes beautification seriously, which is evident in their splendid landscaped streets and impeccable greenbelts. The city is well-maintained and offers well-planned business centers that are completely separate from a flourishing industrial complex, high-quality schools, and churches of all faiths.

Looking to Buy La Mirada Real Estate?

Victorian Homes in La MiradaWith the completion of a new housing subdivision, those seeking to buy La Mirada real estate have a lot to choose from. From modern designs to historic Victorians, La Mirada offers family-oriented neighborhoods for families of all income levels. There is also plenty to do in La Mirada as well. The city boasts a number of parks and recreational centers, a community gym, and a superb golf course located at the Los Angeles County Regional Park. The golf course in La Mirada is one of the most actively used in the county. La Mirada also offers a wide variety of restaurants to choose from and unique boutiques. Additionally, residents and visitors alike enjoy the La Mirada Theatre that features wonderful musicals, plays, and children´s productions.

La Mirada is truly a safe community with low crime rates and quality schools – both public and parochial. With median family incomes around $70,000 and median house values of $250,000, La Mirada is also a very affordable place to live in. The La Mirada real estate market has seen recent increases of 15 percent and the region´s economy is ripe as the demand for housing continues. If you are looking in Los Angeles County for a quality place to live in, or simply seeking to invest in real estate, then you should make La Mirada real estate one of your options!